Cloth Diapers

It only seems right that my second post be about my cloth diapering journey.  My son (Samuel) is 5 months old and he has been in cloth since 2 weeks. I was introduced to cloth by my dear friend and fellow blogger Laura and we have enjoyed every moment of it.

The number one question I get asked is isn't it hard. Well first off having a life that depends on you is hard cloth diapering doesn't have to be. Life happens and that is my number one rule, some days you plan to be all about that cloth and then you end up in disposables before noon. LIFE HAPPENS. We have been extremely lucky in the allergy department Samuel is not allergic to anything that we are aware of, this of course makes it easier to switch back and forth.  Rule number two is ROUTINE, when it comes to baby everything is easier when you establish a routine. We do diaper laundry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Just like bedtime routines cloth diapers fall into routine.

The number two question I get is what kind do you use, "I mean are you using pins and stuff". Umm Y'all it is 2018 NO I AM NOT USING PINS,! Samuel has some of the cutest diapers ever! We typically use a snap in diaper that is a all in 2 variety, meaning you have a cover and a pad that snap together easily. When you have a wet you have to option to just change the pad or to change both, with a dirty I change both every time. Bringing me to question number three.

How do you deal with a dirty diaper? The same way you will one day deal with an accident in regular undies, you rinse it out into the toilet. It is that simple, yep sometimes it stinks (literally) but it's not difficult. We did just start on some solids and boy let me tell you it does change things but it's not a deal breaker. YOU CAN DO IT!


Shout out to the hubby who also uses cloth on our boy and even does diaper laundry!

If cloth diapering is something you are interested in and would like to know more just comment below! If you are an expert cloth diaper mama I want to hear from you!!!

Next on the blog Travel Nurse the good, the bad, and the best months of my life see Y'all there!

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