Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Hey Y'all my name is Jess and I wanted to kick my blog off in the best possible way and I couldn't think of any thing better than to share with you my favorite relaxing drink. I love Sweet Tea, yep it's a southern thing. Being born and raised in South Alabama its a given that I would develop a love for the stuff. I have even made and enjoyed it in Athens, Greece where ice is hard to come by, but this southern lady couldn't be stopped. It's a very simple recipe and I highly recommend that you go make yourself a tall cold glass and come right on back here to my blog to see what we've got up next, Trust me YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT.

Southern Sweet Iced Tea (The Gypsy Way) 

2 Large Lipton Iced Tea Bags
2 Cups of Water
1 Cup (or more) Sugar 

Place your water in a pot and add the tea bags, place on medium heat until boiling. Once boiling remove from heat, allow to sit for about 2 minutes, remove tea bags (careful it's hot). Place Sugar in a gallon pitcher and carefully pour hot tea mixture over the sugar, stir. Add ice and cold water until pitcher is full. Serve with lemon if you'd like. (secret: you can add fresh peaches to the pitcher to create a to die for peach tea.) 

Now go on and make you some of our famous Southern Sweet Tea and head on back to see what I've got coming up on the blog.


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