Football Dip (Gypsy Style)

Football Dip 
(Gypsy Style)

I'm sure if you're in the south then you know that college football kicks off in less than 30 days. My husband seems to keep track of this and hunting season better than our birthdays and Anniversary.  Here in the fine state of Alabama we have an age old rivalry of the greatest proportions and we are extremely serious about it, when you are here it is either Auburn or Alabama you pick one no matter what, yes it's a real thing. It's all in good fun, but to some it's a fight to the death but more on that another time. Right now were here to talk about THE GREATEST FOOTBALL DIP EVER!!!

Things you'll need:
Pan to brown sausage
1 lb of hot sausage
8 oz Philadelphia Cream cheese
2 cups Cheddar cheese
1 can Original Rotel (Hot if you like)
1 large bag Scoops Chips

Brown your sausage on Medium heat. Place sausage, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and rotel into the crock-pot and let sit on high heat for 1 hour or until good and melty, throwing in the occasional stir or two so it doesn't burn. 
Serve with Scoops and a tall cold Sweet Tea!




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