Camper Life with a Toddler....PART ONE

Y'all we have been prepping for an exciting spring vacation and I am so ready for so much needed rest and relaxation, who's with me! We are going to take a whole week and go stay in the camper at the Lake as a family!

That photo is from our set up last year, Samuel was only a little over a month old when we went on our first camping trip. Obviously we went Glamping as you can see but it had it's own difficulties as you can imagine would come with a newborn on a camping trip to the lake, but we overcame and we grew a lot. Last year I had several misconceptions and I was really just figuring out this whole mom thing. Although I do not think I have the mom thing figured out yet I do think I've gotten a lot better at it and I am ready to tackle Camper Life with a Toddler, I think.

So a few of my fears come simply from the fact that this year he is mobile and our site is right on the water (Samuel loves the water).  We are hoping for sunny warm days so he can enjoy it some with the appropriate supervision. I am thinking up ways to keep little busy man occupied when he can't be in the water. Indoor and Outdoor activities in case it rains and planning the dreaded packing for a family trip.

My fears are simple and I think relevant to any mama, I'm afraid he will wonder off to the water when no one is watching, I'm nervous he will fear no dog (he loves pups, but lets just be honest not everyone pup loves kiddos) or that he will simply be fussing the whole time because he can't be as free as he thinks he should be. I hope to alleviate some of these fears through my planning stages. 

Planning stage one includes how to keep a Toddler occupied and safe around the water and inside.

I am planning on utilizing the pack n play, mostly at night, because he tends to be pretty satisfied in it as long as he has a few toys and treats in there too. I'm going to pack a couple extra mats for it since it will also be his crib inside the camper at night.  We are also getting a swing, one of those cute little car swings you can buy from pretty much anywhere for $20, little man loves to swing and our campsite has several trees with plenty of access to limbs for swinging.  Oh and Bubbles, I've made some homemade non toxic safe bubbles for the trip, they blow big strong bubbles too (Watch for a recipe soon y'all).  We have a fabulous Toddler life jacket that we bought on sale at the end of last summer which more than likely I'm gonna be that mom who puts it on him in the morning and only takes it off when I know he can't take off to the water. 

For Indoor activities I have a few learning games that we love here at home, alphabet puzzles and shape and color puzzles. I'm also planning on unleashing the play dough on this outing (in moderation) we'll see how that goes. We've got a bit of screen time planned as needed also, even grown up likes a good movie now and then, so we've already picked a few movies that we'd like to watch a few are educational and a few are just for fun. 

But we are hoping for a lot of outdoor fun and a lot of time out on the lake. We are a boating, swimming, family y'all we love to be on or in the water and we just adore being outside. Isn't my little 1 month old man so adorable on his very first boat ride last spring. (He wore a hat and he was protected from the sun and boat safe don't worry)

Packing for the first family camper trip and packing for this years trip are going to be so different. Last year I didn't want to forget anything so I packed way more than we needed and we didn't use half of it so this time I'm trying to minimize my list to the essentials. Clothing may be a bit overdone still since toddler life you never know what you're gonna get on those clothes but the plan is to be as minimalistic as possible. Cloth diapers are an obvious choice because we not only will have our dipes but also our swimmies.  Toys both for outside and inside play.  I'm still in the process of planning camping food that both us grown up and little man will enjoy through the whole week, there will be an easy menu added to the blog in the next few weeks for y'all to copy and save for yourselves. 

So needless to say this will be another learning adventure and I can not wait to experience all the great things! We are so blessed to be able to do this and share it with our friends and family! 
Part two will be during  and after the trip, what went well and what went wrong. So 
stay tuned in and SUBSCRIBE so you will know how our first camping trip with a toddler goes, hoping to have lots of good advice for y'all and to be camping with a toddler like a pro over the summer!

Thanks Y'all see you again soon! 

With Love,


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