Cloth Diapering an Active Boy in a Disposable World

Hey Y'all! 

I'm sorry I've been off the blog for awhile, Life happened and it happened hard and fast. 
Nothing really to update on other than I am glad to have the time to get back to writing my blog and I can not wait to share all the ideas I've been jotting down over the past few months! 

So I was sitting here sorting my diaper laundry thinking about what I'd be doing right now if I had let the naysayers actually get to me. I couldn't figure out anything I would rather be doing.

Many times people think they are giving you really good advice to help you but in reality not all advice is good advice. So many times I have been told to stop cloth diapering that it would "save you time, save you money, save you from having to do all that work".  Y'all these people have never even tried cloth diapering but yet they've got opinions on the subject because someones mama's aunt's cousin did it and they didn't have a good experience. Let me tell you right now those people are wrong for speaking on something they have never tried, it's like telling people mac and cheese tastes awful but they've never tasted it. Today I just want to share with you how I'm cloth diapering an active little boy in a disposable world. 

A typical day in our world either goes one of two ways, either it's a work day and Samuel is heading to the grandparents or it''s an off day and we are prepping for a fun day together. I work full time as an ER nurse so of course there are many days that he goes to stay with his grandparents and we are so lucky to have them and the ability to call on them to care for him. I'm going to be completely honest with you right here when he is going to stay with someone else unless I know they are completely comfortable with cloth I pack disposables we are so lucky not to have any allergies. When he is with me 95% of the time you will find him with a fluffy butt. 

A stay at home day is a bit easier than a out of the house day just because I have everything organized and prepped at home already. We typically go through 3-4 diapers during a day and everyone has a different set up so I'm just going to run through mine, any pointers are appreciated. We use AIO (all in one) diapers meaning my covers either have inserts in them already or they snap in. I am blessed and have a large enough stash that I can go ahead and stuff (put my inserts in my diapers) and have them ready just like you would a disposable. I pick out the 3-4 diapers I want to use that day and set them to the side. I use both disposable wipes and cloth wipes (I'm working on switching completely to cloth but I just haven't sold out to it completely yet) that I keep near my diapers for easy access. I also keep a wet bag (I started with a Walmart bag) near by. If we have a wet diaper we just change it and wipe like you would with a disposable except you place your wet diaper in a wet bag instead of a landfill. If we have a dirty diaper we take it to the bathroom and swish it in the commode, yep I still swish even though I've been doing this for awhile, other options include sprayers or cloth diaper stations, lets just keep it simple though I know my commode is clean I am obsessed with keeping the commode clean because I'm a swisher. One day I dream of a cloth station but I'm not ready to build it yet (When I do I'll put it on the blog for you to all be jealous of). After getting the solids out all you have to do it ring it out and place it in the wet bag just like the wet diaper. 

A day out of the house takes a bit more pregame prep. I grab my diapers for the day, plus a spare or two depending on where I'm going and for how long, a wet bag, some wipes and a water bottle with a sports cap (little trick I picked up, this is my make do sprayer). So a wet out of the house is a typical diaper change place in wet bag move on, a dirty out of the house all I do different is I stop by the sink and fill up my water bottle with warm water so I can use it as a sprayer to get most of the solid off into the commode without touching a nasty strange commode then it goes into the wet bag.

I do my diaper laundry 3 days a week the bigger the stash the longer you can go between washing. I do a cold rinse, warm wash (with the least detergent I can get by with) and then I always air dry my diapers. I also have dryer balls (do not use dryer sheets on cloth, it effects the absorbency) so I can put my inserts in the dryer if I need to but I typically just air dry everything. 

So the number one thing I hear all the time is "why don't you just use disposables they are so much faster."  NOT TRUE. I can change a cloth just as quick as a disposable and a quick spray or swish on a dirty and it's in the wet bag. Yes I do an extra load of clothes since I'm washing my diapers but lets just be honest how many of us are doing an extra load here and there anyway. 
Number two "Those cloth diapers are so expensive why don't you just save money and use the throw away" THAT'S JUST IT, THROW AWAY =THROWING AWAY YOUR MONEY. With cloth I can reuse them now and in the future plus they have great resale value, trust me paying a little more up front to save thousands of dollars in diapers YES please sign me up, PLUS they are so stinking cute!
Number three "It's just so much extra work." NOPE. It's just a tiny bit of extra work, once you get a routine and a rhythm down it's no extra work. I get satisfaction knowing that I am doing a bit to help the environment and that it is healthy for my kiddo not to be exposed to all the crazy chemicals that are in disposable diapers and I know that I am saving tons of money for my family. It's not extra work at all.

Samuel is 1 now y'all and I thought it would be tougher to keep a active boy in cloth with all the running and playing, I have actually found that it is tougher to keep my active boy in disposables because they leak so much, and we are constantly changing all of his clothes when he's in them. I just gotta say IF I CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN. I do things a little different, and in the cloth world I'm still a newbie but it is so fun to learn more about it and how I can be better at it. 




  1. You go girl! And look at how cute that little Sam man is!


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