“Wingin’ It” Hot Wings Gypsy Style

Hey y’all!

Yesterday I was sitting around chatting with an old friend and they reminded me of this fabulous wing place we had in town back in high school, oh those wings were so good sweet and spicy and fried to perfection! I got a powerful craving for their wings but they closed years ago.  What was I to do? Come up with a similar recipe just for me and you, of course!

Y’all this recipe turned out perfect, exactly like I remember them! Sweet and spicy and fried to perfection! So sit back grab your sweet tea and get ready to turn tonight into wing night! 

“Wingin’ It” Hot Wings Gypsy Style

Wing Batter: 
1 cup Franks Original hot sauce
1 cup corn starch

Wing Sauce: 
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup Franks Original hot sauce
1 cup water (determines sauce heat, more water = milder less water = hotter)

1 pkg Chicken Wings or Tenderloin
Peanut Oil
A pan to fry on
Small sauce pan 
Medium bowl
Large bowl

So you wanna start by placing your peanut oil in your frying pan and getting it started warming up then I take my tenderloin or wings and cut them up. My husband is a nobo guy so we cut up tenderloin into bite sized pieces. 

In a medium sized bowl mix your batter 1 cup Franks Original hot sauce and 1 cup corn starch, add your chicken to this and stir, I usually just put all my chicken in the batter and leave it in there until I’m ready to fry. 

Wash your hands.

In a small sauce pan we’ll get the sauce started so it’s ready by the time our chicken is fried up! Add 1 cup Franks Original hot sauce, 1 cup brown sugar,  and 1 cup water (Medium spice) stir and place on medium heat til brown sugar is melted.

Check your oil, if it’s ready then fry up those chicken wings! 
Carefully place chicken into hot oil making sure that it doesn’t stick together. Fry until slightly brown about 3 minutes (always make sure you thoroughly cook your chicken as eating under-cooked chicken can result in food poisoning, so check your chicken make sure it’s done) place cooked chicken in a bowl (with towels to soak up some of the extra oil as needed) and let it cool a bit. 

When all your chicken is fried up (remove your towel) and carefully pour the sauce over the chicken in the large bowl... yum! I let this sit about 5 minutes and served warm with ranch! 

So yummy! I hope you enjoy these delicious wings as much as my family does!

Let me know what you think! Enjoy Wing Night Y'all!


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