Camping with a Toddler- THE MENU

Hey Y'all!

We are only two days away from Vacation! Yay! With that being said it is crunch time as far as packing and preparing go and until tonight I seriously had no idea what we were going to eat while we were away.

As anyone who's spent any time around a toddler knows they can be extremely picky. Well Samuel is no exception, some days he can't get enough broccoli and some days its a turned up nose and a shake of the head. So figuring out not only what can be cooked over a fire, on a small stove, or in a tiny toaster oven but also figuring out what a toddler will eat can be a big challenge.  I'll make notes through the trip and let y'all know what works and doesn't work for us while we're away but for now this is a glimpse at the menu for the week.

SUNDAY- check in/ set up
We will only be having an evening meal at the campground this day.
Dinner: Spaghetti with Toasted Meatballs
I plan to make up my meatballs and cook them in the toaster oven while I boil my spaghetti noodles on the stove, after my noodles are drained I will add my tomato sauce straight in the pot and warm until the sauce is warm enough (should only take a minute) I'll serve these up in a bowl with the meatballs on top

It's day one so I'm going all out on breakfast!
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Biscuits, and Jelly (were taking some of this Blackberry Pepper Jelly)
I hope to cook all of this over the fire!
Lunch: Peanut Butter Jelly Time Y'all with fresh fruit
Nothing is better to me after a long morning in the sun than a nice PB&J and fresh fruit
Dinner: Homemade Mini Pizzas 
(I'll post this recipe soon. It is so easy and super delish)

Day two I know how my people get on day two, we tend to spend the most time outside and the least time eating so I'm planning a light meal day, I'll probably keep a lot of healthy snacks out and about with us so there is plenty to munch on throughout the day.
Breakfast: Fresh Fruit and Bacon
Lunch: Chicken Salad and The Pink Drink
Dinner: Hot dogs roasted over the fire with smores for dessert

Day Three because my people didn't eat as much yesterday they will probably be extra munchie today so a big breakfast is needed to help them make it through the day without eating up all my yummy snacks.
Breakfast: Sausage, Cinnamon Rolls, Eggs, and Grits
Lunch: Cold Fresh Veggies with Ranch Dip, Fresh Fruit, Turkey and Cheese Roll ups

Day Four and this is typically the laziest day of all. So we go lighter on the food today too.
Breakfast: Fresh Fruit and veggies
Lunch: Left overs (If there are any) and PB&J's if there aren't
Dinner: Wingin' It Hot Wings (We will make some "Hold the Heat" for Samuel)
 with homemade fries and Ranch

Day Five it's a big play day because you've gotta get all the boating and fishing in that you can because you know you're gonna have to pack up tomorrow.
Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Fruit, Yogurt, and Biscuits with Jelly
Lunch: Turkey Roll ups and any left overs
Dinner: Friday night is FISH FRY NIGHT! We usually get together with a whole gang of folks and have a huge fish fry! Fingers crossed this year we keep the tradition!

Day Six and check out/ pack up day
Only breakfast and lunch this day, we will have to leave before dinner time. (so sad, can't vacation last forever)
As you notice I'm going to attempt to rid myself of the leftovers before Saturday but we shall see.
Breakfast: any of the eggs or breakfast meat that is left will be cooked and served as these may not make the trip home well.
Lunch: Any fresh fruit, veggies, or leftovers that we may have. If none then it's PB&J's for the win!

I'm pretty excited about this next week y'all! Only two more twelve hour shifts and three more sleeps until we leave! I can't wait to see how my menu plan works out! Comment, Share, and Subscribe you don't wanna miss hearing how this crazy trip goes!

Until Next Time 
May your tea be sweet and your disposition sweeter!


  1. Sounds like a great plan! I'm so jealous of your vacation. Like, what even is a vacation? I no longer know LOL!


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