The Gypsies “Grown Up” Crescent Sandwiches

Do you ever have those days when no matter how hard you try to meet all the obligations you fall short? I DO. Well this recipe came out of one such day. I ran out of time to do the shopping my coffee had sat in the microwave for hours and it was time to cook dinner. Serious mama face-palm here. What do I cook for my hungry on the verge of hangry family? Well I opened the fridge and found an unopened pack of crescent rolls some left over sandwich meat and cheese! Hello sandwiches!

First things first I hate cold sandwich meat so I had to mix this up a bit. I decided I would make the sandwiches first and then bake the whole thing! 

Makes 4 “Grown Up” Crescent Sandwiches

All you need:
1 package of crescent rolls
Sandwich meat (we used ham and turkey)
Sliced cheese ( we used Colby jack)

Open the crescent rolls and Ignore those triangle lines we’re gonna use rectangles here!
Cut the dough into 4 rectangles.
Add your meat and cheese to half of all 4 rectangles (we used two slices of cheese and plenty of meat) 
Fold the dough over the meat and cheese and pinch the edges
Bake at 375 degrees for 11-13 minutes until golden brown

Enjoy your quick fix meal y’all! 


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