Back to School Punch

With many of my friends getting ready to drop their kids off at school Monday morning I’ve really been thinking about those afternoons after school and all of the great opportunities parents get to sit down and really get to know their kiddos. Today I decided that I wanted to try something different and concocted a fabulous punch, y’all it’s yummy, and I was thinking what a great way for parents and children to connect in the afternoons. My mom liked to make us The Pink Drink but Samuel and I may be starting a new tradition.

Introducing The One and Only


You will need:
1 large bottle of apple juice (96 oz or so) 
1/2 large bottle of cranberry juice 
16 oz pineapple juice 
1 can of frozen orange juice
6 12oz cans of ginger ale 
Apples to garnish

In a large pitcher mix all together.
I found that by adding my ice orange juice concentrate and apples first there was less mess.

It was so tasty that we decided we would take some with us to church in the morning and keep some here for us to enjoy!

Let me know how much you love it and good luck to all those kiddos and teacher heading back to school!


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